Zen Den - Salt Cave (Okemos)
Zen Den - Salt Cave (Okemos)
Zen Den - Salt Cave (Okemos)

Zen Den - Salt Cave (Okemos)

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Come relax in our zero gravity lounge chairs surrounded by Himalayan salt walls while earthing in the heated quartz crystal sand. Place the smooth river rocks and rake patterns into the sand in our "Zen Den". The salt air is soothing relief for those with breathing difficulties and it's an ideal spot for a calming meditation session.

Our earthing room/salt cave contains 2000 pounds of finely ground quartz sand with in-floor radiant heating. The walls are constructed of back-lit, heated, authentic Himalayan pink salt. Metaphysically, quartz is a "master healer"; it can attune itself to your changing energy and healing needs and is a powerful energy amplifier. Pair this with the "master cleanser" nature of Himalayan pink salt and you get a room filled with amazing energy ready to absorb negativity within the aura and loosen up blockages from the chakra energy system. Ground your energy to the earth and find balance in the comfort of one of our zero gravity chairs. 

Halotherapy (salt therapy) is one of the newest trends in western alternative healing, although it has been employed in other countries, like those in eastern Europe, for a couple of centuries. The Himalayan salt releases negative ions into the atmosphere which are then taken in by the body. Once absorbed, these ions neutralize free-radicals wreaking havoc on internal structures and tissues. Breathing in the salt air is helpful for all sorts of lung issues from acute respiratory infections to chronic respiratory illness or disease. 

Overall wellness is the goal of our Salt Room - aka "earthing room". Try this unique way to combat stress, headache, lethargy, depression, and so much more. We have UV-free full-spectrum lighting (also known as vitamin D lights) available upon request to assist with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Find the increase in balance, energy, clarity, and overall well-being you so deserve today! 

Zen Den Information & Procedures

The Zen Den is a cozy space boasting 2,000 pounds of finely ground quartz sand which is heated through in-floor infrared technology. Additional Himalayan salt lamps and quartz crystals line the space. Metaphysically, quartz is the "master healer" and can attune itself to individual healing needs. Energy balance is restored/enhanced through this space. Full spectrum lighting (optional) assists in raising vitamin D levels within the body to combat seasonal affective disorder (SAD), depression, lethargy, and many other common ailments. The room accommodates 1-2 people. 

All users, prior to each session, must adhere to the following:

  • No throwing / displacing the sand from the area; 
  • Must be 13 years or older (unless supervised by a responsible adult)
  • Present any crystals removed for purchase prior to exiting the shop.
  • Do not touch the salt walls.

It is always advisable to consult with your healthcare provider prior to beginning any regimen to augment your health status. Please note that staring directly into the full spectrum lighting for long periods of time may irritate the eyes and/or cause headaches; direct exposure should be limited to twenty seconds to a couple of minutes at a time. Lights are UV-free.