Singing Bowl Guided Meditation (Brighton) – Beyond A Dream LLC
Singing Bowl Guided Meditation (Brighton)
Singing Bowl Guided Meditation (Brighton)
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Singing Bowl Guided Meditation (Brighton)

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Enjoy a group guided meditation with our crystal quartz singing bowls.

Welcome to our meditation room! The purpose of meditation is to slow the thoughts constantly running through the mind and connect with the present moment, as really, all there is now. We have designed this room to incorporate a variety of healing modalities to maximize the healing benefits for our clients. We are equipped with a full set of solid quartz crystal singing bowls tuned to A=444Hz frequency - optimal for sound therapy healing. Each bowl is tuned to a music note corresponding to one of the 7 primary chakras, or energy centers, aligned with the human body.

Notes correspond as follows:

Root - C
Sacral - D
Solar Plexus - E
Heart - F
Throat - G
Third-Eye - A
Crown - B

Chromotherapy (color therapy) is incorporated in a lighting system that accommodates changing the room colors along with the meditations offered. Colors vibrate at frequencies that correspond to the body's chakra system. When an imbalance is present, the color frequencies assist in bringing the natural balance back.

Chakra - Color associations are as follows:

Root - Red (also black, grey, brown)
Sacral - Orange
Solar Plexus - Yellow
Heart - Green (also pink)
Throat - Blue
Third-Eye - Indigo (also purple)
Crown - Violet (also white)

We also employ Aromatherapy in the meditation room to both cleanse the air and bring peace, calm, balance, clarity, and a host of other therapeutic properties into the space. From burning sage, incense, or a variety of alternatives stocked in the metaphysical shop, to diffusing 100% pure essential oils and house-made blends, you are sure to feel the difference. Come on in, get cozy, and let's get balanced!

Maximum of 8 participants per session.