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Ionic Foot Detox (Okemos)
Ionic Foot Detox (Okemos)
Ionic Foot Detox (Okemos)
Ionic Foot Detox (Okemos)
Ionic Foot Detox (Okemos)
Ionic Foot Detox (Okemos)
Ionic Foot Detox (Okemos)
Ionic Foot Detox (Okemos)

Ionic Foot Detox (Okemos)

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The Ionic Foot Detox system is a soothing and relaxing foot bath that aids in making the body's PH more alkaline, an important step to a person's health and well-being. An Ionic Foot Detox helps facilitate the alkalization process through ionization, removing free radicals from the body. We run full-hour sessions followed by a mini foot massage with essential oils. 

For starters, we encourage you to get comfortable on our detox bench and attach a wristband that connects to the ionic foot detox machine. This is a safety mechanism that grounds any static electricity you have on you, or pick up during the session, as we are working with electricity and water. With your feet in the tub, we add a gadget known as an array that does the ionization work for you. The array uses the electricity from the machine to break apart the water molecules releasing ions, both positive and negative in equal balance. Through this action, an electromagnetic field is produced. 

The bottoms of the feet are an ideal detoxification point due to the high concentration of pores located there. The pores absorb the ions into the body's circulatory system. Negative ions work to neutralize free radicals wreaking havoc on internal structures and tissues and also, along with positive ions, bind to toxins of opposite charge located in various regions of the body. The electromagnetic field produced by the array then draws bound toxins back out through the pores on the feet and into the water. You will notice consistent color changes in the water throughout the session. 

By the end of the session, your water will be looking pretty groovy and the color coded informational card will help you determine where in the body the detox was pulling from (typically a combination of areas such as joints, yeast, heavy metals and chemicals).

Our staff will encourage you to drink plenty of water following the session as detoxification continues for three days through perspiration and urination. Adequate hydration is key to getting the most out of your session. We can accommodate up to four people at a time (sometimes more for semi-private parties scheduled in advance), so bring a friend or three and get your detox on!

Please note that this system is not for those who are pregnant, or those with pacemakers. Children are always welcome, however their sessions are run for 30 minutes rather than one hour. We also offer the option for an Epsom foot soak in lieu of the ionic foot detox for those who are unable to utilize the system but still wish to participate.

Please let us know of any peanut allergies you may have, most of our essential oils contain almond oil.

Foot Detox Information & Procedures

All users, prior to each session, must acknowledge:

That this therapy is not advised for those:

  • Who are pregnant or lactating;
  • With organ transplants;
  • With open sores on feet/ankles; and/or
  • With implanted battery operated devices (e.g. pacemaker, pump, etc.).

That caution should be used by those:

  • With diabetes;
  • With kidney, liver, or congestive heart failure; and/or
  • Who are on dialysis.

It is always advisable to consult with your healthcare provider prior to beginning any regimen to augment your health status. 

Additional Notes

A light snack and proper hydration is recommended prior to a session.

Adequate hydration before, during, and for 3 days following a session is important.

Moving the placement of the wristband periodically during the session helps to prevent buildup of perspiration underneath the band; this reduces the risk of discomfort where the electrode rests on the skin.

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.