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Chakra Mystery Boxes

Chakra Mystery Boxes

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~Chakra Mystery Boxes~
 Choose from our line of Chakra Boxes!
Similar to our Nama-Stayed and Mystery Boxes, these new boxes are Chakra themed, available in 8 different styles for all the 7 Chakras. Each box will come with assorted items relating to each separate Chakra.

Our Available Boxes Include:
7 Chakras Box
Crown Chakra Box
Third Eye Chakra Box
Throat Chakra Box
Heart Chakra Box
Solar Plexus Chakra Box
Sacral Chakra Box
Root Chakra Box
Each box includes crystals, candles, and a few surprise items that are specifically picked to balance the individual Chakras. Our 7 Chakra Box will includes items that cover all the Chakras to help you balance and align the 7 Chakras.