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Auricular "Ear" Acupuncture (Brighton)

Auricular "Ear" Acupuncture (Brighton)

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Auricular "Ear" Acupuncture 

$40 per Session/40 Minutes per Session


Cindy Tweedy, LLMSW, CTP, ADS, Ann Arbor native, mother of 2, and a graduate of the University of South Florida’s clinical Social Work program. I am certified in trauma therapy, and auricular (ear) acupuncture. I have experienced and witnessed the many benefits of auricular acupuncture, and I am passionate about promoting the health and healing of others using this amazing treatment. The NADA protocol for auricular acupuncture outlines 5 specific points on each ear which promotes a natural detoxification. The 5 points include: the Shen Men (Spirit Gate), Autonomic Nervous System (fight or flight response), Kidney, Liver, and Lungs. Clients commonly report feelings of peace, calm, a reduction in anxiety, a reduction in cravings for substances (opioids, alcohol, nicotine), and a reduction of physical pain. Everyone is different – but there is something beneficial in this treatment for everyone. My certification as an Auricular Detoxification Specialist is through NADA, and I’m insured through the American Acupuncture Council. I'm looking forward to joining together with Beyond A Dream in Brighton, MI to bring this amazing experience to you!

What is Auricular Acupuncture?

Benefits of Ear Acupuncture:

Promotes relaxation, decreases anxiety, enhances stress management, enhances sense of purpose & well-being, promotes mental clarity, reduces cravings & withdrawal symptoms, improves sleep and increases energy. 

An acu-detox session allows the participants to utilize a natural detoxification method, relax quietly for 30-40 minutes and notice immediate results.

Auricular Acupuncture NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) Protocol:

The NADA protocol focuses on 5 points within the ear. All 5 points serve to balance the body's energy and assist the body's natural healing processes.

The 5 Points Explained:

Sympathetic (Autonomic Nervous System: Balances the sympathetic nervous system, has a strong analgesic and relaxant effect upon internal organ and dilates blood vessels. Reduces epinephrine/norepinephrine levels for relaxation. Calms the spirit. Provides serenity.

Shen Men (the "Spirit Gate": Alleviates pain, tension, excessive sensitivity; reduces hypertension. Calms the mind and relieves anxiety, depression, insomnia, and restlessness. Opens connection to spirit (opens one's heart), promotes ability to love self and others. 

Kidney Point: Stimulates physiologic and hormonal functions. Influences mental state and happiness and relieves fear. Reminds one of their will and intention to overcome addiction/obstacles, and allows one to hear the positive.

Liver Point: Stimulates physiologic and hormonal functions, relieves muscle cramps. Aids in clear thinking and decision-making, relived frustration, depressions and anger. Helps one to connect with the internal self and find direction for life.

Lung Point: Lung is an important organ for detoxification and regulates pores. Aids in regulation of grief/sadness, improves sense of connection, integrity, and self-respect. Reminds one of connection with a calm safe place and provides inspiration. 

Auricular Acupuncture Treatment Q & A's:

Q: When should I not have acupuncture?

A: If you are a haemophiliac or are on blood thinners (like Warfarin).

Q: What can I expect during treatment?

A: The practitioner will ask some health-related questions to understand your history and problems. You will be seated for your ear acupuncture treatment and must remain seated for the duration of the session (approximately 30 minutes). You will be given an alcohol swab to clean the surface of each ear. Once you feel comfortable, and are ready to begin, your practitioner will as you for permission to commence and approach you. The practitioner will gently insert 5 sterile, single-use needles into specific acupuncture points on each ear. Feedback is welcomed and you can let your practitioner know if you need anything. Most clients feel a sense of relaxation once the needles are all in place. It is important not to cross your arms or legs during treatment. This allows energy to flow better. Try to forget about your busy day and your cell phone. Rather, observe what comes up for you - sensations, emotions, relaxation, etc. 

Q: Is there anything I need to do for my treatment?

A: Use the restroom BEFORE YOU BEGIN because your practitioner will be stimulating the Kidney Point on each ear, and it's mandatory to remain seated during the session. You may wish to eat something before treatment, or have some water. Wear comfortable clothing. Your practitioner will ask you to tilt your head to one side, and then the other, to locate the precise anatomical points on your ears and gently insert each needle while you slowly exhale. 

Q: Does it hurt?

A: The needles are very small and very fine (.22mm) like a hair. It's not like a syringe needle with a cutting edge. This kind of acupuncture needle actually glides through the skin, and you will usually not notice it much. If you do feel something, it will not be intense and exhaling slowly during the needle placement with help with the discomfort. Any initial discomfort will pass. 

After the needle is in place, you may feel various sensations, but none of them should be painful. Feeling something means that the acupuncture is working on that point and it is a good thing. For example, if you have alcohol in your body, your liver point may respond and you may feel a little but nauseous as your detox. This feeling will go away. 

Q: Are the needles sterile?

A: Yes! Your practitioner uses single-use sterile disposable needles for every treatment. Your practitioner will count the needles that are retrieved at eh end of the session to ensure that all needles are accounted for (hence why clients are not permitted to walk around during the session). The needles are always disposed of after every session using a medical-grade Sharps Container.

Q: Can acupuncture harm me?

A: Absolutely not! You cannot be harmed by ear acupuncture. You can only benefit. It serves to detox your and balance you systems. Many clients find the benefit so amazing that they want to have acupuncture on a regular basis. 


~ Breathe out when asked to, because this will help to minimize any possible discomfort during needle insertion.

~ Sit upright with legs uncrossed and your hands in your lap

~ Relax, take deep slow breaths, and listen to music. You may also close your eyes if you wish to do so

~ Observe any sensations, emotions, and relaxation that you experience

~ Let your practitioner know if you feel weak or faint, as a safe and simple adjustment will correct this

~ If a needle comes loose or falls out, please sit still, and do not try to find it. Your practitioner will help you locate it at the end of the session. Needles that come out on their own are the body's indication that the points have been sufficiently stimulated and they will not be re-placed.