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Aura Photography & Biofeedback (Okemos)

Aura Photography & Biofeedback (Okemos)

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Aura Photography & Biofeedback
 Session Rates:
$125 per session
Jim and Brandi Wright use State of the Art Aura Photography, Spirit Messages, and Akashic Art Activations; empowering others with the knowledge that there is more to being human than meets the eye. 
Helping others step into the fullness of their being is at the heart of 1129 Simply Divine LLC! Their biofeedback/photography, combined with channeled messages and Akashic Art can help you discover areas of your mind, body and soul that need attention and the healing modalities that may be beneficial.
Come and discover the multifaceted being that you are!
Each session is 30 minutes long and you will receive a photo and a 15-page report.
The $25 payment is the DEPOSIT ONLY. Remaining payment is due at the time of service.
A Description of What We Do:
Aura Photography:
Using state of the art biofeedback technology, they will take a snapshot of your aura and chakras giving you a report showing you their strength, vibration level, power and much more. They will give a knowledgeable interpretation of them, giving you insight to help you on your journey. You will also receive a narrative, giving you even more helpful information on such things as your career, finances and relationships
Channeled Messages:
Jim has the gift to connect with your higher self, speaking to Spirit, guides and ancestors receiving information you need know to help along your journey to your best life.
Akashic Art Activations:
Brandie will ask the keepers of the Akashic records (a library of all thoughts and actions of everyone throughout all life times), to allow her to pull a record from one of your past lives in which you mastered a specific task in that life. She will then draw you a picture of that accomplishment and explain the illustrations to you.  She will hand the drawing to you and if you choose, you can now activate this mastery into this life time.
This is a unique experience and all parts combined together are a great tool to help you in this amazing journey to your best life.