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Spirit Wand Workshop (Brighton)
Spirit Wand Workshop (Brighton)
Spirit Wand Workshop (Brighton)
Spirit Wand Workshop (Brighton)
Spirit Wand Workshop (Brighton)

Spirit Wand Workshop (Brighton)

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Welcome to our Spirit Wand Workshop with Marsha!
A Spirit Wand is an object that is created to hold and direct a person’s intention for change.
It will be created as a sacred object that you will want to place on your altar or place in in your home or workspace as a talisman for honoring the change you wish to occur in your life. It is recommended that it is in a place where you will often see it. 
In this workshop you will make a wand from a branch that is 12 - 15” in length. Something that is easily worked with. Choosing your own branch would be best but branches will also be provided if you are unable to bring one yourself. The basic crystals will also be provided.
We will be focusing on the same general intention, but we will enhance the wand to fit your more specific desires. If you’d like to add personal items to your wand, please being them with you.  Make sure that they are small enough to fit on your wand. We will be using glue to attach them to your branch.  We will provide some decorative elements such as yarn, string, beads, and feathers to make your branch even more beautiful and special.
To begin with we will clear our space and ourselves. I will then call in the energies to support and protect our endeavors. Then we will write our intention for our wands. These will be written as an affirmation in the format of:
~I am healthy and fit and enjoy life to its fullest
~I am living a wonderful life full of financial abundance
As we make the wand, we will be hiding our intentions in our mind, focusing on what will wish to change.
When we are finished, we will bless our wands. As we speak our intention, we will use our breath to blow it into the wand. We will conclude by thanking the Universe for these gifts of change we are honoring today.  
By making a spirit wand we are taking a desire for change and honoring it.  We are bringing out into the world of material existence. By doing this we are giving it substance and acknowledging to the Universe (and ourselves) that we are ready to make it our reality.
One of the important lessons from these experiences is the commitment required to honor your self and your process and to spend time developing a conversation with your inner wise guides. 
Marsha Wright has an educational background in the sciences including the medical field, liberal arts, photography and the fine arts. She has a BS from Grand Valley and a MLS from the University of Detroit/Mercy and a MFA from Wayne State University.
Her spiritual background includes the study of shamanism, shamanic healing and the personal study of crystals, oracle, tarot cards and Jungian psychology.
She is presently working as an artist from home working with the mediums of oil painting with cold wax and printmaking.