Reiki Therapy with Dustann (Okemos)

Reiki Therapy with Dustann (Okemos)

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Reiki (ray-key) is an ancient, Japanese healing system that works on the body’s energy centers known as chakras, to restore balance and promote healing on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). Reiki therapy is a natural healing modality to reduce stress, promote intense relaxation, re-establish balance, and so much more! This modality is compatible with any religious belief system and any health status and healthcare regimen. 

Reiki masters at Beyond A Dream, LLC are trained under owner, Rev. Leeann Lilly, RM and the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage. There are variations in practice which include hands-on and hands-off, or hover method. We practice hands-on Reiki, hovering only around the eyes due to the presence of essential oils on hands, and the throat area due the sensitivity of the area. Our sessions incorporate crystal healing, aromatherapy, and sound therapy through use of soothing music under the pillow, ohm/om therapy, and/or crystal singing bowls.

Receiving regular Reiki therapy is an excellent way to achieve and sustain energy balance and well being on all levels. The energy from a session continues in the receiver for three weeks, so monthly scheduling is a common frequency. All people are unique and we are happy to work individually with our clients to discuss optimal timing to meet individual situations and needs. Examples of variations would include weekly sessions for advanced illness or emotional crisis situations. Really, you cannot receive too much Reiki as we are working with Universal Life Force Energy which is limitless and incredibly natural and safe.

A standard, full Reiki session lasts one hour, although 30 and 90-minute sessions are also available. Feeling a bit out-of-sorts in between full sessions? Try a Reiki Tune-Up. This mini-session lasts about 15 minutes and is done in the seated position. Pair a Reiki Tune-Up with an Aura Cleanse for an on-the-go alignment and boost energy, focus, attitude, and more. Schedule an appointment today and experience Reiki for yourself!